What we Do

We help couples WIN in their marriage by identifying their triggers and breaking generational cycles.

Marriage Takeover is a vibrant, no-filtered, raw and uncut, marriage coaching platform that offers  practical and real-life situations and resources with biblical principles. This isn’t your average experience, we talk about sex, porn, communication, finances, children, arguments and the like (all the things the bible talks about), but seem to be taboo in the church.

You aren’t the only couple arguing in the church, you aren’t the only couple in the church that goes through the motions, let’s talk about it, learn from it and save your marriage.

New videos and podcasts released every 3rd Sunday of the month via YouTube and 4th Sunday of the month via When Christians Speak Blog Talk Radio.

Need Coaching?

Tired of not being respected?  Tired of not being heard? Tired of being super duper roommates? Tired of not speaking the same language?

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Sometimes you just need a mediator to help you navigate through conversations or to help share different perspectives without judgment, we’re here to help you reach your marriage goals.

Feedback & Reviews

My first event with them was tonight!!! We are having a fabulous time!! Wow!! Thank you!!! What a blessing!!! You and Mr Thompson are GREAT hosts!!!! See you at the next event!!!

D. Suttles

Great Broadcast!!!!
Much need in the time we live in.

R. Rose

My first time tonight!! And I’m enjoying my self!!! I’m going to bring my husband
next time!!❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

D. Sharp

Our Story

Eric & Temeka Thompson are High School sweethearts, who set sails to defy the odds of being married young and having great ambitions and dreams to conquer all; until they were at the brink of divorce, super duper room-mates and on the verge of losing everything they were building together.

Now married 23+ years later, they help couples WIN in their marriage by identifying their triggers and breaking generational cycles.

Where we met?

We grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. Went to Middle School together and re-connected in High School at the Tallahassee Mall.

Our most challenging hurdle?

It’s probably a tie between Temeka losing her mother (experiencing grief) and being on the brink of divorce. We were truly super duper room-mates and were only being polite due to the kids.

Our First Date?

High School Military Ball afterwards we dined at Dairy Queen 

What we love most about Coaching other couples?

We absolutely LOVE witnessing couples achieve their breakthrough, experience hope and rejoice when they do the work and get back on track.