Surround yourself with those who will strengthen your marriage

Surround yourself with those who will strengthen your marriage. 

If you know that God has truly ordained and appointed your marriage, don’t entertain those who don’t. Those who will tear down your marriage, your spouse or may even tempt you to compromise your character.

I love how Prince Harry did everything to protect his wife Meghan and their growing family, leaving everything for their joy, health and well-being. 

I can thank the Air Force for our move, once Eric and I were married, we were off to Alaska- away from those who thought we were moving too fast, away from those who were betting on our failure, away from those who didn’t support. 

Yes we were sooo young, but we loved each other, we both had goals, dreams and aspirations. He was strong where I was weak and vice versa and we were both determined push each other to reach our goals. 

Did we get tired? Yes 
Did we get upset with each other? Yes
Did we want to call it quits at times? Yes

Because we had God and support from a few others, we’re here to tell the story now.

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