There’s no secret, I’m a recovering workaholic ????!!!
And my ???? can be a major distraction. I remember times falling asleep while holding my phone, one time the phone fell and hit me in the head .
???? This month’s podcast was just released, we’re talking about “How to build a Loving Marriage” it’s available everywhere podcasts are available, check us out and leave a comment. 
This pandemic has been a great reset and helping us as a family re-define what’s really important to us and helping us to stay true to that.
When spending quality time, I have to place my phone in a completely different room and turn it on vibrate. This way my husband and my daughter have my undivided attention and I’m communicating to them that they are more important than whatever is taking place on my phone.

????????‍♀️What are some things you do in your marriage to ensure you have uninterrupted quality time❓

Temeka Thompson

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